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Supply and Fit Fire Doors London

We offer a wide range of professional fire door services in the London area: supply and fit of fire rated doors, partitions and glazed screens, upgrades, repairs and maintenance, annual fire door inspections, fire risk assessments, building condition surveys and bespoke fire door services.

Our Services


Most requested services...

  • Supply and Install of Fire Rated Doors
  • Upgrade of existing doors
  • Maintenance of fire doors
  • Annual Fire Door Inspections
  • Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs)
  • Fire Rated Partitions
  • Compartmentation Works
  • Fire Stopping
  • Fire Rated Glazed Screens
  • Building Condition Surveys

We examine...

  • Door leaf 
  • Door frame 
  • Door closer (self-closing devices) 
  • Hinges 
  • Intumescent door strip and cold smoke seals 
  • Glazing (vision panels) 
  • Locks and levers/handles 
  • Fire safety signage 
  • Hold open devices 
  • Gaps around the doors and threshold gaps 
  • Panic hardware devices for external final fire exit doors 

Supply & Installation

Fire doors are an important, legal safety feature of any building, their prime purpose being to restrict the spread of fire and smoke – and to save lives. Fire Door London is a professional manufacturer and supplier of FD30 and FD60 fire doors (higher ratings are available upon request). We supply and fit interior, exterior and high security fire doors, fire rated partitions, emergency fire exits and for Commercial, Industrial, Educational and Residential buildings in London and the surrounding area. Fire Door London is fully qualified for Fire Safety.

Fire Door Upgrades & Maintenance

Regular repairs, upgrades and maintenance for fire doors is a legal requirement. Fire Door London can assist with ongoing fire door efficiency and regulation compliance. Failure to comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order could result in the landlord, building manager or owner being prosecuted and fined (even imprisoned in cases of extreme negligence). We will work with you to ensure that your fire doors meet the required safety standards to give you peace of mind and be fire safe.

Building Condition Surveys

Part of the Morgan Thomas Construction Group, Fire Door London offers custom carpentry and construction. Our combined services mean we can provide cohesive building surveys to determine the condition of your building, so you can adequately maintain and plan future maintenance – to keep the property functioning. Our highly experienced team possess the core knowledge and essential skills needed to undertake building condition surveys.

Bespoke Fire Doors

Fire Door London is a specialist carpentry and joinery company offering bespoke, made-to-measure fire doors and fire rated partitions. If you are an architect or commercial building developer, we can create beautifully designed, high quality, bespoke fire doors that offer fire resistance and smoke control – custom sizes, choice of interior and exterior wood and screen glazes with FD30, FD60 or higher fire ratings. Emergency fire doors and fire safety no longer need impact upon a building's aesthetics, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Annual Fire Door Inspections

We are fully qualified to check that your fire doors are effective and compliant with the law. We provide on-site fire door inspections of existing fire doors, partitions and screens, analyse Fire Risk Assessments and advise on any repair work that is required to be 100% compliant. Our inspections will take into consideration the amount of traffic and usage as well as advise you how often your inspections should be carried out. However, under BS9999, it is recommended that inspections are carried out on a 6-month basis.


Whether you are a private landlord or a commercial property developer, all businesses need to minimise their legal liability and risk. Our extremely experienced team can survey the site, assess your FRA and tailor the right risk plan, upgrade or supply, install and maintain your fire doors (complete with certifications) and much more, so you can worry less about liabilities or staff safety risks to concentrate on growing your business.

Fire Rated Partitions & Glazed Screens

We supply and install fire rated partition systems, which are ideal for use in offices or communal spaces in public buildings. Our range of fire rated partitions and fire resistant glazed screens (glass as an effective fire barrier) are designed to complement our fire doors. They can be integrated into myriad design combinations – without the form affecting their primary function – by working together to protect lives and preserve property. Fire rated partitions and fire resistant glazing enables you to see the fire hazard and safely evacuate the building.

Fire Risk Assessments

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order places the responsibility on landlords and businesses to carry out effective Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs). Our assessors are fully qualified and highly experienced in all aspects of Fire Safety to ensure that you will be safe and fully compliant with fire safety legislation. Commercial premises are required to have full FRAs regularly to eliminate any workplace fire hazards. We identify the risks, their potential effects and advise on best fire safety practices to remove any risk.

Need Fire Doors In London?

Fire Door London offers a wide variety of fire door services in the London area. We are fire door specialists dedicated to passive fire protection and fully accredited. Fire Door London provides professional fire door services – manufacture, installation, repair and maintenance for residential and commercial buildings. Call us today on 020 7739 2288 / 020 8554 3744 or send us a message to discuss your fire doors and services required.